Bridging the Gap

With fast and rapid technology advancement there is a growing realization that sharing of complementary expertise and experience is the way forward to harness a mutually beneficial scenario for academia and industry. The session: "Bridging the Gap" during IAC 2017 aims to bring all stake holders together to discuss, learn, and share their respective expertise and experience. The session would be geared towards discussions on the specific points that facilitate the issues that impede development efforts and implementation of new technology. Further, the session would also be an appropriate forum to showcase the expertise available with the institute towards development of workable solutions for specific industry problems all of which is expected to culminate in research and academic collaboration including, but not limited to, joint research projects, establishment of centers of excellence, industry oriented short term courses/programs. We include below a few initial topics proposed by faculty members/scientists that could perhaps be taken up for discussion during IAC 2017. Interested personnel from the industry are encouraged to register for the event and mark the topic codes of their interest on the registration form (available on our webpage). While registering, industry participants may mention other specific technology areas/problems/topics that may be of interest and could be taken up for discussion during IAC 2017.

Industry Write-Up

Interested industry participants are requested to submit ( ) one page write-up of the specific issues/problems for which they would like to have an interaction with IIT Indore faculty members and scientists. This write-up will be circulated within the institute for a more meaningful discussion during IAC 2017. The format can be found file_downloadhere

Code Details Download
A01 Design of a Quantum inspired Fuzzy based Neural Network and its hardware realization for signature verification file_download
A02 Industry specific short term course on reliability engineering and asset management file_download
A03 Smart Manufacturing for Indian Industries file_download
A04 Glitch modelling of FPGA device primitives for Side-Channel Attack Resilience file_download
A05 Image motion compensation for spacecraft payloads pointing error and jitter minimization file_download
A06 Antenna precision pointing for ground-to- LEO and LEO-to- GEO optical communication file_download
A07 Precise orbit determination of geosynchronous navigation satellites using synchronous elements and ground observations file_download
A08 Lased based micro-nano- manufacturing and surface processing capability at IIT Indore file_download
A09 Facility to develop bulk and thin film shape memory alloy for different functional applications file_download
A10 Deep learning on GPUs file_download
A11 Synthesis of FDCA as an environmental benign raw material for the manufacturing of biomass based plastic materials. file_download
A12 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) operated noise tolerant, low power and highly stable SRAM memory system design for battery operated Internet of Things (IoT) applications file_download
A13 NBTI analysis and mitigation technique in IG-FinFET SRAM cell file_download
A14 Low power, high speed serial link transceiver Design for IoT applications file_download
A15 Short-Term Course on 'Metallurgy for Industry Professionals' file_download
A16 Pre-commercial scale photovoltaic devices on cost-effective and environment-friendly perovskite and kesterite high throughput, better power conversion efficiency, stability, reliability file_download
A17 Fatigue damage analysis of GFRP & CFRP laminates under variable amplitude loads file_download
A18 Visible light communications, white space communication, radar signal processing, MIMO and optical networks file_download
A19 Characterisation of materials, food, herbs and biometrics file_download
A20 Monitoring of environmental and water quality in Madhya Pradesh file_download
A21 Development of Nanopatterned High-performance Solar-blind Photodetector Arrays for Space and Military Applications file_download