Research Pavilion

The Research Pavilion will highlight the best fruits of the scholarship, research, and creative activity of students from disciplines across the IIT Indore. The event franchise is to motivate discussions related to novel researches and ideas. The session: "Research Pavilion" during IAC 2017 aims to bring all industry, academic experts together to discuss, learn, and share their complementary expertise and experience in a way to harness a mutually beneficial scenario. From this session we expect to forge many research and academic collaborations, such as joint research projects, establishment of centers of excellence, Campus recruitments and internships etc.

Code Details
C01 Smart Cervical Collar
Team: Mohini Phulwalkar(B.Tech), Aditya Govil (B.Tech), Karthick.S (Ph.D.)
C02 Smart Aquatic bot
Team: Akshay Shewetkar(B.Tech), Vishal Jain(B.Tech), Sahil Mittal(B.Tech)
C03 Intelligent Composite Flapper
Team: S.Mani Prabu(Ph.D.), Vijay Choyal(M.Tech), Ezaj Ahmed(M.Tech), Samyak(B.Tech), Akarsh Kumar(B.Tech)
C04 Development of PLC control based Pneumatic Stewart platform for orienting Radio telescopes
Team: Tameshwer Nath(Ph.D.), Karthick.S(Ph.D.)
C05 Heat Engine Design
Team: Tameshwer Nath(Ph.D.), Akash(Ph.D.), Laharia (M.Tech)
C06 SMA based transformer oil sensor
Team: Akash.K(Ph.D.), Parikshit.G(B.Tech), Chandan.K(B.Tech), Reena Disawal(Ph.D.)
C07 Design and fabrication of Auxetic foam for Defence Applications
Team: M.Venkat Charan Reddy(B.Tech), Ravilla Sunil(B.Tech),Mohini Phulwalkar(B.Tech), Sachin(Ph.D.)
C08 SMA actuated solar tracker
Team: Ishan(B.Tech), Rohan Rathore(B.Tech), Ashish(Ph.D.)
C09 Clustering and Sampling for Plant Genome Data
Team: Aditya Shastri, Dr.Kapil Ahuja
C10 Parallel FPGA Routing using Subgradient Algorithm and Steiner Trees
Team: Rohit Agrawal, Dr.Kapil Ahuja
C11 Non-invertible cancelable fingerprint template generation based on ridge features
Team: Rudresh Dwivedi, Dr.Somnath Dey
C12 Quality Adaptive Enhancement for Fingerprint images
Team: Ram Prakash Sharma, Dr.Somnath Dey
C13 Packet Payload Analysis for Attack Detection and Network Traffic Classification
Team: Mayank Swarnkar, Dr. Neminath Hubballi
C14 Slow Rate Denial of Service Attacks against HTTP/2
Team: Nikhil Tripathi, Dr. Neminath Hubballi
C15 Image Quality Assessment and Enhancement
Team: Piyush Joshi, Dr.Surya Prakash
C16 Human Recognition using 3D EAR
Team: Iyyakutti Iyappan, Dr.Surya Prakash
C17 Integrating physical level design and high level synthesis for simultaneous multi-cycle transient and multiple transient fault resiliency of application specific data-path processors
Team: Deepak Kachave, Dipanjan Roy, Dr.Anirban Sengupta
C18 Service Oriented System
Team: Gyan Prakash Tiwari, Dr. Abhishek Srivastava
C19 A Fast Outlier Detection Method in Non-stationary Environment
Team: Chandan Gautam, Dr. Aruna Tiwari
C20 Change Mining of Evolving Systems
Team: Animesh Chaturvedi, Dr. Aruna Tiwari
C21 Wireless communication using Software Defined Radio
Team: Mr. Suman Kumar Das
C22 Visible Light Communication
Team: Mr. Suman Kumar Das
C23 Home Automation
Team: Mr. Suman Kumar Das
C24 Automatic Saline Level and Impurity Indicator Using Fringe Projection Profilometry and Fourier Fringe Analysis
C25 Demonstration of physical layer of IEEE 802.22 standard on universal software radio peripheral 2952R
C26 Potential roles of bacteria and viruses in disease pathogenesis and water quality monitoring
Team: Dr.Hemchadra Jha
C27 A Social Network for Machines - Realizing INDUSTRY 4.0
Team: Sandeep Kumar
C28 Machine Tool Prognostics and Smart Manufacturing
Team: Amit Kumar Jain
C29 Transport phenomena in Porous media and its Biomedical Applications
Team: Anirudh Kulkarni
C30 Flow and heat transfer from porous bluff bodies using LBM
Team: Vijay Babu T R
C31 Optical diagnostics in Internal Combustion Engines
Team: Aniket Kulkarni

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