Indian Institute of Technology Indore


Since its inception in 2012, Industry-Academia Conclave has evolved into a forum where experts from both Industry and Academia discuss and address important concerns, and galvanise their efforts towards forging successful partnerships that would prove mutually beneficial. The Industry-Academia Conclave -2018, much like its predecessors, aims at fostering our ever-improving relations with the industry. It is a sui generis platform that intends to encourage an interaction between the Academia and Industry, which might further lead to work on developing efficient solutions to complex problems. IAC 2018, as an endeavour, focuses on exploring research avenues between academic institutions and corporate organizations. The theme of this year's conclave is: Unlocking the full potential of academic research.

IAC aims to ensure that the academia keeps updating itself with the changing industrial paradigms, and encourage the students to cultivate a more pragmatic outlook regarding the Industry and its expectations. Considering the versatile requirements of the Industry, IAC focuses on helping the academia stay abreast with the latest industrial developments, and learn about avenues where there is scope for collaboration.

IAC plays a vital role as a forum for such Industry-Academia interaction, and also provides an opportunity for the Industry to present areas where they would seek research assistance from the Academia. The industry could also benefit from the knowledge of the on-going R&D projects, and could then actively participate in those that might interest them. The exchange of perspectives between the industry personnel and the academia can provide an impetus for various research and development opportunities; it could later lead to efficient and holistic industrial processes.